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Fan Pulls
Antiqued Brass
Pewter, Chrome & Silver
Birds, Ducks
Black or Black & White
Blue & White or Blue
Brown or Wooden
Holidays: Thanksgiving, Valentine, St. Pats. etc.
Christmas Lamp Finials
Crystal, Acrylic & Glass: Clear and Color
Dogs or Cats
Figural, Animals, People, Fish
Green and Jade
Pink or Rose
Stones: Natural and Colors
Stone Geode Slice
Sea Shells
White or Off White
Yellow and Amber
Sports, Tea Cups, & MIscellaneous
Finials Fit 1/8ip (3/8")
Make Your Own Finial Parts
Make Your Own Fan Pull Parts
For Clip-on Shade

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If you see a lamp finial you want act quickly because there may never be another just like it offered again. If you do not see just the right lamp finial this time check back often as the selection is constantly changing.

Fan Pulls
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Fan Pulls

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Fan Pulls

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Fan Pulls

Lamp Finial Categories

Antique Brass Lamp Finials

Blue & White Lamp Finials

Black Lamp Finials
Cloisonné Lamp Finials
Colored Stone Lamp Finials
Brown Lamp Finials
Pewter & Silver Lamp Finials
Figural Lamp Finials
Dog & Cat Lamp Finials
Bird Lamp Finials
Crystal Lamp Finials
Green & Jade Lamp Finial
Pink & Rose Lamp Finials
Real Shell Lamp Finials
Solid Brass Lamp Finials
Red Lamp Finials
White Lamp Finials
Weathervane Lamp Finials
Holiday Lamp Finials

Miscellaneous Lamp Finials
Make Your Own Lamp Finials

Lamp Finial Specifications
This selection of finials has a 1/4-27 thread and is the standard size to fit the harp on almost every lamp. The finial adapter fittings are solid brass.

The shipping charges are figured for US Mail. If you are ordering outside the USA we will adjust the shipping charges accordingly and inform you of the charges before we ship.

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We accept payment via Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, PayPal and US Checks. There is NO C.O.D. delivery. When paying by check please allow up to 10 business days for order processing once we have received your check.

Return Policy: Refund for returns are exclusive of shipping. No returns after 15 days. Include invoice and credit card number with your return.

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